A Day In The Life: Joshua Tromans-Jones, Jada Gaming CTO

by Gambling Industry News - Tuesday, August 17th, 2021 9:58

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Jada Gaming

I’m up and at it as soon as the alarm goes at 6.30am. Eyes go straight to the phone to check on anything that might have come in during the night, whether work or personal.

Once my feet are on the floor I efficiently move through my morning routine to ready me for the day. A healthy fruit shake accompanies me while I read through the latest news developments and stories from our incredibly fast-paced industry.

Of course GamblingIndustryNews plays a vital role in keeping abreast of the industry news from around the world. On top of GIN, I ensure I’ve covered several other online publications to see what different angles are taken on certain matters as I think it’s important to follow opinions from across the spectrum – whether I agree with them or not.

Armed with the day’s news, I turn my attention to Jada tech development projects where my 10 years’ industry experience as both Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer pay dividends.

Data and tech is my passion and my early mornings revolve around creating new reports, building databases or designing Machine Learning (ML) models.

Next action is catching up with the team and contacts around Europe. COVID has led to our team mainly working from home and away from the standardised 9 to 5 and I’m proud that there has been no drop off in productivity and many cases of improvements.

This expanded online environment means businesses have an increased global presence as talent can work from anywhere as long as there is reliable internet. Part of that is ensuring I am regularly in touch with the team and here as a support to help our team develop.

Then it’s lunch for my first meal of the day. The health benefits of the meal depends on how close we are to the weekend! By the time I am done eating, my Latin American team is online and I’ll check in with them to see the latest on the projects we’re working on.

A current project that has me really energised is working to enrich Jada’s offering with 3rd party data sources, especially when it comes to bonus abuse.

Responsible gaming has never been more important as the growth of online gaming accelerates.

Jada prides itself on its commitment to social responsibility and making sure we are offering a safe environment for players to enjoy gaming – bonus abuse remains a thorn in the industry’s side.

The importance of really understanding customer behaviour is pivotal in providing a genuine long-term solution. Working in collaboration with our partners provides us with full game catalogues, data on RTP, themes and volatility metrics. It all helps build an incredibly accurate picture of individual players.

Another project that I am focused on is adapting our standout casino recommendation engine for sports. A busy summer of sport has just finished and we’re already into the opening exchanges of the football league season, while the NFL kick-off across the Atlantic is only a matter of weeks away. Jada’s solution is perfectly suited for sports and our NFL bet recommendation tool is something we’re sure will greatly enhance the sports betting experience for players. Daily Fantasy Sports has held it’s stunning popularity despite the repeal of PASPA and the progress of more US states legalising sports gambling.

Our recommendation engine will suggest which NFL players to select for each DFS game week and which to drop. Jada’s solution is multi-faceted in its mission to address responsible gaming as well as to enhance the user experience for online casinos and sportsbooks around the globe.

Evenings are precious time to spend with our daughter. My wife and I will do dinner for her and then we’ll sit down as a couple ourselves, although tonight’s is always a little shorter as it’s my weekly 5-a-side game with a group of local friends.

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