February Streaming Report: Casino Streamers Continue to Set New Records on Twitch

by Natasha Lyndon - Friday, March 5th, 2021 6:35

twitch slots streaming
twitch slots streaming

Over 260 Billion minutes of video has been consumed already in 2021 on the Twitch streaming platform – which boasts ~117,300 average concurrent streamers.

Popular with PC-gamers and gamblers alike, the platform is host numerous casino and slots channels – with streamers playing various slots games, trying to hit big jackpots while viewers enjoy the thrill of watching.

Some of the top streamers in the slots category are partnered with Twitch, or with iGaming operators, while others themselves are affiliates.

The slots category was the 76th most watched on Twitch based on hours watched per month during February 2021

A new analysis and report of the slots category on Twitch for February reveals interesting trends – with a number of category streaming records being smashed during February 2021.

Slots Records Which were Broken in February 2021 on Twitch

  • A new record was set, with a new high of 25,365 average slots viewers worldwide on Twitch during February 2021
  • A new record was set with a new high of 175 slots channels streaming on Twitch during February 2021

February 2021 – Twitch Slots Category – Key Trends

 monthly average viewers - slots category on Twitch

  • Hours of slots watched: 17,019,922
  • Hours Broadcast: 110,975 (+4.7% from January)
  • Average Viewers: 25,261 (+2.4% from January)
  • Average # of Slots Channels: 154 (+4.8% from January)
  • Maximum Concurrent Viewers: 72.877 (+11.1% from January)
  • Number of Slots Broadcasters: 4,896
  • Top Channel / Streamer: ROSHTEIN
  • Top Streamer – Hours Streamed: 294 hours

February 2021 Top 10 Slots Streamers

slots top 10 streamers february 2021

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