Betsson Affiliates Announces End of Revenue Share & Closure of Poker Room in Germany

by David Burke - Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 10:12

Due to new gambling regulations in Germany which come into effect on the 1st of July, Betsson is the latest operator to inform affiliates that they will no longer receive revenue-share for referred players (now illegal in Germany), and will only be able to receive a CPA reward for acquisitions in Germany going forward.

The Casino, Sportsbook and online poker operator is in the process of acquiring a German casino-license.

New turnover taxes of 5.3% have also resulted in the closure of Betsson’s poker brand in Germany.

The following email was sent to Betsson affiliate partners:

We would like to inform you about the regulatory changes which will come into effect on July 1st 2021 in the German market. The regulation will mainly affect the type of commission payments Betsson Group can offer to our affiliate partners for players referred after July 1st as well as the revenue share commissions we are currently paying on existing players.

The German regulator has made any commission payments based on player revenues illegal; we are therefore forced to work exclusively on a CPA basis with our affiliate partners. Please get in touch with your account manager to find out how we can continue to work together in the future.

We have also reviewed our obligations towards existing revenue share agreements and unfortunately it is inconclusive if the regulator will allow us to keep honoring these. Our legal teams have therefore advised us to put all revenue share payments on hold until we have more clarity on the legal situation in the market to ensure we are compliant with the local regulation. We will pursue a clear framework regarding commission structures from the regulator within the next 3 months and as soon as we have a green light, we will continue to pay revenue share commissions retroactively.

We are currently in the process of acquiring a casino license in Germany for our Betsson brand, until we have the go ahead from the German regulator, we will not be able to offer new deals to our partners. As soon as the authorities have given us permission, we will proceed with casino affiliation in Germany on a CPA basis.

Unfortunately, we will also have to inform you of the closure of our poker product in the German market, due to the new turnover tax of 5.3%. We will review the viability of offering poker to our German customers in the future.

If you have any questions regarding the regulatory changes in Germany please get in touch with us.

Best Regards,
Betsson Group Affiliates Team

David Burke

Reporter covering all aspects of sports, poker, regulation, iGaming business and more.