4 Female Olympic Athletes Launch Media Company Togethxr

by Natasha Lyndon - Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 1:19

U.S. Olympians Sue Bird, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel, and Alex Morgan have launched a new media company to change the way women in sport are portrayed in the media.

The brand, named Togethxr, was launched on Tuesday with the announcement coming via a post on Twitter.

Togethxr will include activism, culture, wellness, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in its content. And although it will be primarily aimed at Gen Z and Millennials, the group hopes to shine a light on the successes and achievements of women of all ages throughout the past, present, and future of sport.

In a joint statement, the four founders said:

“We have our individual legacies as athletes through championships and medals, but what’s most important to us is championing for the next generation of women — because that will be the legacy that lasts.

We’re proud to have worked as a team to create TOGETHXR — a brand that elevates women’s voices and celebrates where sport and culture converge​​”

In their statement the group referenced recent studies that show that women receive less than 5% of sports coverage. This is despite the fact that some of the most successful athletes on the planet are female.

Speaking to the New York Times, Manuel said:

“Being a woman, you are told you are too much or not enough of any one thing, all the time, especially in sports. It is a consciousness that isn’t even ingrained, it is a byproduct. If we are talking literal financial opportunities, you have to dimensionalize yourself because there isn’t enough respect for women athletes and their athletic performance.”

Morgan noted that the lack of million-dollar salaries for many female athletes means that they have to put so much more effort into a career than their male counterparts. This means that unless they are a superstar, they need to fight to receive any media coverage whatsoever.

In the same New York Times feature, Morgan said:

“We don’t have $40 million saved up in the bank to live on for however long. We don’t have sponsorships for millions of dollars with one footwear company. As a female athlete, you have to be more than a female athlete.”

TOGETHXR is backed by Magnet Companies, a private equity holding company founded and funded by media veterans.


Image credit: clappstar / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Natasha Lyndon

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