GGPoker launches innovative new poker format “Flip & Go”

by David Burke - Friday, January 15th, 2021 11:41

New Flip & Go tournaments at GGPoker
New Flip & Go tournaments at GGPoker

Online poker company GGPoker has announced and launched a new poker tournament format the “Flip & Go”.
This innovative tournament format plays as follows:

1. Buying In

Players buy in to the tournament as normal – receiving a stack of tournament chips, but in contrast to standard poker tournaments, players can opt to buy in for up to 10 buy-ins – increasing their starting stack size proportionally.

2. Discard-Card Selection

On the first deal of the game, the player is dealt three cards and may discard one before the flop is dealt.

Other player’s cards on the table are all face up at this stage, providing extra information which can affect which cards a player chooses to hold on to or discard.

Each player has 30 seconds to choose a discard card. If no card is chosen in the allocated time, the poker client will automatically discard the players lowest dealt card.

3. “Flipping”

One play begins, all players on each table are “all in”.

The poker software will “flip” all player’s chips into the pot automatically on each hand until there is only one player remaining on the table.

The winner of each table moves to a new table in the next round where each remaining player is guaranteed a payout.

4. In the Money

Once players have reached the “in the money” stage, the tournament proceeds as a normal multi-table tournament, with regular blind-levels, and a turbo structure with blinds increasing every 5 minutes.

5. Extras – Flip & Go Multipliers

The flip-stage also offers bonuses to players which enable them to increase their chip-stacks by a multiplier if they are lucky enough to be flop certain hands.

Flip and Go Multipliers are as follows:

Flip Bonus Stack Multiplier
Straight 1x
Flush 2x
Three of a card 3x
Straight flush 4x


  • Flip & Go tournaments can be found in the GGPoker lobby with a new tournament starting every 30 minutes.
  • The format is 8 players per table (8-max) before final table, and standard 9-player game on the final table.
  • Buy-ins come at 4 different stakes ranging between 1 cent (with no rake) to $25.



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