Irish Gamblers Must Opt In for Online Gambling Ads

It was previously thought that all gambling ads would be prohibited

by - Thursday, December 8th, 2022 8:24

opt in

It has been revealed that the new Irish Gambling Legislation, recently approved by cabinet ministers, has included a provision for consumers that want to continue receiving online ads for gambling products and services.

The final draft of the Gambling Regulation Bill 2022 includes a provision that will allow consumers to opt-in to receive gambling ads online. This includes both social media and all other online platforms including video streaming services.

Speaking of the ‘opt in’ provision, Minister for Law and Reform James Browne said:

“It is intended that a person may only receive gambling advertising where they opt in to receiving it on an on-demand or media sharing platform or, in the case of social media, only where a person subscribes to such services and platforms and gives their consent to receiving such advertising.”

He went on to add:

“The bill also provides for a wide-ranging power to allow the Authority to prescribe the times, places and events where gambling advertising can be broadcast, displayed or published, and to specify the frequency, duration and amount of advertisements.”

The restriction on gambling advertising during the hours of 5.30am and 9pm remains in place. However, the proposed ban on all promotions and inducements to gamble is still unclear. The language suggests that any promotions that target an individual will be prohibited, but the that those that are released to the public in general may be allowed at the discretion of the regulator.

Further clarification is expected in the coming months.

Ciaran McEneaney

Based in Galway, Ireland, Ciaran has over a decade of experience writing for some of the biggest names in the sports-betting, gambling, poker & casino industries.

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