Online Gambling Now Live in Buenos Aires

by Jenny Tang - Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 1:52

Buenos Aires Online Gambling

After months of legal wrangling, online gambling has officially launched in Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires.

It’s been well over a year since lawmakers in the Argentine capital approved legislation that would allow the city’s land-based operators and qualified online operators to run iGaming platforms. The original plan was to launch at the end of 2020, but issues with the application process and issuance of licenses dashed those hopes.

However, following a couple of amendments to the legislation, iGaming is now open for business in both the Province of Buenos Aires and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The legislation requires that all online operators partnerships must include a local business/operator. So far the list of approved partnerships is as follows:

  • Argent Bingo (William Hill) partnered with Bingo Moreno
  • Bet365 partnered with Bingo Berazategui
  • Betsson partnered with Casino Victoria
  • Playtech partnered with Casino Tandil
  • Pokerstars partnered with Bingo Chivilcoy
  • Intralot partnered with BetWarrior (Binbaires)

There are currently 12 other provinces in Argentina with online gambling legislation but it’s the Buenos Aires market that has brought the major international player to the table.

According to the legislation, each Licensee paid $5.5 million (US$56,700/€50,200) to make an application and then a further $65 million (US$670,000/€593,190) as a single fixed charge. In addition, once they start operating, the licensees must pay a 10% fee to operate and tax on Gross Income set at 15%.

Jenny Tang

Global iGaming Correspondent based in NYC.