Rumours Abound that OLYBET Owned Company Hacked With 250k+ user accounts exposed

by Natasha Lyndon - Thursday, February 18th, 2021 1:14

Cyber security

Lithuanian news site 15 Minutes has reported that OlyBet owned website has suffered an alleged data breach with as many as 257,000 users’ personal information put up for sale by hackers.

The information is believed to include email addresses and poorly encrypted passwords that could potentially give hackers access to users’ finances.

A screenshot shared on popular databases leaks website Raidforums claims to show user emails with the passwords partially revealed.

In a comment to 15 Minutes, Tomas Palevičius, CEO of OlyBet said:

“We, as OlyBet, do not know what information has leaked online, because it is not our database, not OlyBet’s, but Oracle’s database, which no longer exists as a company. We, as a company, took over Oracle in 2015. There has been no data leakage since that takeover, so we, as a company, at OlyBet can say that our users are safe. It is important to mention that OlyBet is a separate company operating under a separate betting license, while Oracle operated under a different license. Databases are different. The data that is provided in the Oracle database is not in the OlyBet database, ”

OlyBet’s stance seems to be confirmed by the person selling the data online who stated that it’s ‘Unused cuz in the past no one needed lithuanians db dumps.’

When asked about the leak, Rytis Rainys, the head of the National Cyber ​​Security Center in Lithuania, said that no incident with the Oracle database had been registered in the incident management system of the center.

Natasha Lyndon

Based in London, Natasha is a former sports journalist with experience working for some of the biggest athletes & brands in the world of sports and iGaming.