Bovada Sportsbook Out of Action for 24 Hours

by Jenny Tang - Friday, December 17th, 2021 1:59

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International sportsbook Bovada Sports, has been down since Thursday December 16th with players unable to deposit, withdraw, or bet during the website’s downtime.

The United States’ most popular offshore sportsbook has left millions of US-based customers locked out missing the opportunity to bet on or change bets for the NFL’s Chief vs. Chargers game.

The company issued several updates via Twitter stating that its engineers had identified the issue and were working to find a solution.

However, disgruntled players have been left without access for almost a full 24 hours. According to a later update, the issue was related to an upgrade that had failed to launch which would be rectified soon.

Bovada Affiliates are affected too, with the site unable to handle transactions or to serve data to partners:

This downtime is unusual for Bovada – but is extra frustrating for affiliates who are also relying on Bovada’s odds data to provide some functionality on their gambling websites – Tom Nielsen CTO of

With a busy weekend schedule of US sport on the horizon, there’s a possibility that customers may miss out on more fixtures before the site comes back online.

UPDATE: (11:45 December 18th, 2021)

At 11:33 PM CET, Dec 18th, Bovada took to twitter to announce they were back online, and that compensation for eligible customers would be added to player accounts over the next 24 hours.

Jenny Tang

Global iGaming Correspondent based in NYC.