Mississippi Sports Betting Handle Jumps 19.3% to Top $43M for Month of June

by Ciaran McEneaney - Thursday, July 15th, 2021 5:40

Basketball was the most wagered on sport yet again

The latest monthly revenue report from the Mississippi Gaming Commission has revealed that the state’s licensed sportsbooks recorded a sports betting handle of $43,099,179.82 for the month of June. The latest figures mark a 19.3% increase on May’s sports betting handle of $36,125,895.57.

While June’s handle is still well short of January’s record-breaking handle of $67,707,627.70, it is the second month in a row that the industry had seen an increase in overall wagers.

Coastal casino sportsbooks based in Bay St. Louis, Biloxi, and Gulf Port were the market leaders yet again taking in $27,211,652.38, a 31.7% increase on June’s handle of $20,657,343.19 for the region. This was triple the handle posted by sportsbooks in the Central region that took in $8,725,937.06 in wagers for the month. Northern sportsbooks posted a slightly lower handle of $7,161,590.38.

Basketball was once again the most popular sport with Mississippi gamblers placing $19,504,654.12 in bets on the NBA during the month of June accounting for 45.2% of state handle. Betting on the MLB continues to rise in popularity with sportsbooks reporting $10,706,851.15 in wagers throughout the month, $3.4M more than the previous month.

Despite the higher overall handle, taxable revenue for the month dropped to $3,194,316.70, down from $3,888,299.05 for the previous month. The report also reveals that sportsbooks reported an overall win percentage of 7.41% down 3.35% from May.

Ciaran McEneaney

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