Oregon Lottery Reports 27% Drop in Sports Betting Activity for Month of July

by Thomas Nielsen - Monday, August 16th, 2021 9:29

Baseball was the most wagered-on sport at sportsbooks throughout the month

The latest monthly revenue report from the Oregon Lottery has revealed that sports betting activity in Oregon dropped by 27% month-on-month as gamblers placed $18.2 million in sports bet throughout July, a considerable drop from June’s handle of $24.9 million.

July’s figure is the lowest of 2021 as a limited sporting calendar combined with the NBA and NFL offseason resulted in a lower number of bets placed throughout the month.

The new MLB season has seen baseball take over from basketball as the most popular sport at the Oregon Lottery’s ScoreBoard. Baseball attracted 163,674 individual wagers amounting to $6.2 million. 6,890 gamblers placed bets on the MLB at an average amount of $38.26 resulting in gross gaming revenue (GGR) of $518,778.

However, despite a lower handle of $4.7 million, basketball bets on the NBA finals generated more revenue for the state lottery as 13,531 individual gamblers placed 114,425 wagers at an average of $41.46 per bet. This yielded $810,206 in GGR for the month.

Over the course of the month, 18,807 unique players placed 503,653 wagers at average of $36.12 per bet. This resulted in a win margin of 11.95% and GGR of $2,173,572.

Each month the lottery gives a breakdown of bets placed according to sports and according to the official data, Olympic Games contests attracted just 28 wagers throughout the entire month. However, with individual figures for sports such as tennis, golf, and rowing, it’s possible that ‘Olympic Games’ refers to those sports, such as weightlifting, that are not categorized by the lottery.

There were 183,719 live bets and 319,933 PreMatch bets placed throughout the month. Revenue was split fairly evenly with live bets pulling in $8.9 million and PreMatch bets amounting to $9.2 million.

Thomas Nielsen

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