Oregon Sports Betting Handle Drops by 10% to $24.9M for Month of June

by Olivia Richardson - Friday, July 16th, 2021 12:01

Euro 2020 resulted in over $2M in soccer bets in the state of Oregon.

The Oregon Lottery has released its latest sports wagering revenue report revealing a sports betting handle of $24,903,118 for the month of June. The latest handle marks a drop of 10.3% on May’s handle of $27,780,213 and is the second lowest handle of 2021.

Basketball continues to be the most popular sport among Oregon gamblers attracting 421,684 bets totaling $15,147,622 making up 60.8% of the state’s overall handle. The average bet value was $35.92 and there were 14,123 unique gamblers wagering on the sport during the month generating $1,552,674 in gross gaming revenue (GGR).

Baseball was the second most popular sport attracting 149,995 bets from 6,525 unique gamblers totaling $5,590,674. The average bet was $37.27 while the win percentage of 6.06% resulted in GGR of $338,972.

The Euro 2020 Tournament saw soccer take third place with 76,895 totaling $2,087,849. These bets were made by 4,355 unique gamblers with an average bet amount of $27.15. Soccer bets had a win margin of 15.10% and generated $315,279 in GGR.

Overall, there were 664,969 bets placed during the month by 19,043 unique gamblers with a win percentage of 11.41%. The average bet amount for the month was $37.45 while combined GGR from all bets amounted to $2,841,767.

There were 19,806 unique gamblers during the month who placed a total of 791,177 bets at an average of $35.11 per bet. This generated an overall GGR of $2,350,290 with a margin of 8.46%.

Live and PreMatch bets enjoyed a fairly even split with Live bets amounting to $11,999,123 and PreMatch bets coming in at $12,903,995.

Olivia Richardson

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