Oregon Sports Betting Activity Continues to Drop as Lottery Reveals August Worst Month of 2021

by Olivia Richardson - Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 2:00

The Oregon Lottery has released its latest monthly revenue report showing that sports betting activity in the Beaver State dropped by just over 3% as local sports fans placed $17.6 million in wagers throughout August.

The latest figures are just a slight drop from July’s sports betting handle of $18.2 million but still represent the worst month of sports betting activity of 2021.

Baseball continues as the most popular sport as Oregon Lottery’s Scoreboard accepted 198,276 bets on the sport from 6,481 unique players. Bets on the MLB were worth $7.5 million at a win margin of 4.55%. This resulted in gross gaming revenue (GGR) of $344,459 which is considerably less than the previous month’s GGR from the sport.

The next most popular sport was soccer as local gamblers placed 89,135 wagers worth $2.8 million on soccer leagues across the globe. Soccer bets provided Scoreboard with a GGR of $193,614 from a win percentage of 6.68%.

Overall, the state-run sportsbook accepted 458,112 wagers totaling $17.6 million for a win percentage of 6.01%. This resulted in a GGR of just over $1 million.

Throughout the month, there were 184,812 live or in-play bets while PreMatch bets amounted to 273,299. In terms of revenue generated by type of bet, it was a pretty even split with live bets amounting to $9.5 million and PreMatch bets amounting to $8.1 million.

Olivia Richardson

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